Change My Provider

Many customers do not realize how easy it is to switch providers. It is very common for clients to be unsatisfied with the amounts they are billed and/or the quality of their providers’ service. Third Eye Security offers a competitive and comprehensive monitoring package at affordable costs for clients of all sizes.

Here are some guidelines to assist you in migrating to our service:

Check rates and conditions of service for both your new and old provider to see what benefits and savings that you can obtain by switching.

Make the call to migrate your services. Inform Third Eye Security with all the details of your past contract.
Switching is often a matter of obtaining the installer code, or simply changing the main alarm panel. Companies often lock their panels to prevent clients from changing their monitoring service. Ask them to default the system.
After obtaining the above information, contact Third Eye Security to perform the switch. We will be present to assist you with the transition from your former provider.