• Firstly an alarm system can be active without being monitored. The only deterrent in this case, is the sound that it will emit upon the event of an intrusion. With monitoring on your alarm system, paramedic, fire, and police services will be dispatched to your location if needed.

  • Rates vary from company to company. Normally, the larger the company, the more expensive the monitoring rates are. This is due to the large amount of work required to maintain the large machines which run the organization’s’ infrastructure. Third Eye Security has the most competitive pricing because of its low overhead.

  • Third Eye Security will guide you in the choosing the type of alarm system and accessories that match your expectations and requirements for your residence or business. We will ensure that you are satisfied, and fully protected.

  • There are several reasons to choose Third Eye Security…

    1. Third Eye Security is locally owned and operated (we are your neighbour..our concerns are your concerns).
    2. Third Eye Security customer service is unequalled by any other alarm company.
    3. Third Eye Security highly aggressive monitoring rate is unmatched by any other alarm company.
    4. At Third Eye Security, we believe the customer comes first. We will go the distance to ensure that you are happy and our motto is Affordable Security for all.
  • The remote service is available at Third Eye Security.This is an additional feature, of which many are available, depending on your particular requirements. Remote access can allow you to arm or disarm your system from a distance.

  • In the event of a break in, fire, or a medical emergency, we execute a highly specific procedure.

    1. We call the premises to ensure it’s not a false alarm.

    2. We contact the first person on the list that the client has provided.

    3. If the owner is not available, we continue to contact the individuals on the set of contacts provided by the customer. They are required to have a key to the site. We do not ask the keyholders in question to enter the property after an event has been triggered. We do ask , however, that the keyholder be present to hand the key to the local authorities.

  • Pets and infants can trigger an alarm under certain conditions. However, a proper installation or your alarm system will minimize these occurrences. Proper maintenance of your alarm system will also help prevent false alarms being set off by mistake.

  • The first question to be address is if the alarm system belongs to you, or the company who installed it. As a general rule, companies that install at no cost have a three year contract, and as well, a very high monitoring charge. Most alarm systems which fall in this category are locked in for the term of the contract. The alarm system, is, however, paid for once the term of the contract has been completed. In general, if you have been under a monitoring service for 36-60 months, the machine generally belongs to you. It is, however, important for you to check the terms of your contract, if any.

    As for signing with Third Eye Security, we can assist you with your monitoring at anytime. We will also review your current monitoring contract with you, in order to assist in migrating. Our Third Eye Security team will provide you with all the necessary information required to become a Third Eye Security Customer.

  • Your alarm systems in built to give you security 24/7. The built in capabilities will allow you to roam about your home while the alarm is in a “Stay” setting. Normally the doors, are armed, as I s the basement and garages. The system is programmed to suit your lifestyle.

  • An easy question…Most people call us in order to get information on how to become a Third Eye customer. We also get many inquiries such as “what does the yellow light on my keypad mean?”. At Third Eye Security, we enjoy getting any kind of phone calls.Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

  • The difference between wired and wireless is the application.If you are building, it is highly recommended the you pre-wire for your alarm system.If you are in a finished location, wireless systems a much easier to install. It also avoids seeing any cables or wires anywhere.However, all wireless system have some wired components. Keypads are generally always wired to the control panel ,or often to an outlet which provides power.

  • If there is a power failure, your alarm systems is equipped with a back up battery that will last from 4-7 hours.The alarm system and the monitoring central will call you if you need this service activated.

    No service to your internet connection can only prevent you from arming or disarming an alarm from a remote location. Very few systems are monitored by internet. Third Eye security, does not monitor systems via the internet, choosing instead, to go with a more secure process.

    When the alarm is installed, the connection to the phone has a transfer, however the signal is not sent to the monitoring centre. The alarm system is still triggered. The signal will be activated. For this reason, more and more clients are installing systems with a cellular unit, which is marginally more expensive.

  • Once an alarm system has been armed, if any of the various detection peripherals are set off, it will trigger a call to the center.The central then calls the location to verify that it is not a false alarm.They will then call the predetermined list of contact if there is no answer at the location. In New Brunswick, for instance, the RCMP has a 2 zone triggered minimum in order to dispatch assistance.

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